This is a blog celebrating the hot-wesomeness of the original line up of late Glam Metal Band Skid Row. Scotti Hill, Dave 'the Snake Sabo' (my personal favourite, he's fiine), Rob Affuso, Rachel Bolan (oh dat nose chain) and Sebastian Bach!
If you have any questions, Confessions or requests hit up le ask box! and don't be Breakin' Down.
fantasizetheunnatural sent: Just pure loving this blog! c:


fantasizetheunnatural sent: Reblogging so much of your stuff, just keep scrolling and I cant help myself! They're all too photogenic, I love them ! :') P.s. You're pretty c:

Haha, thank you so much! :D 

rteekahros-deactivated20120806 sent: i gotta say.. you are.... the Youth! Gone ! WIIIIIILLLD! ... wow man.. you have a REALLY nice awesome greatest pile of ... Skid Row blog!.. and the nicest I've ever found! and just for a reminder, they have another vocalist before Bas, Matt Fallon. i just thought putting in the blog might be awesome.. :) kthxbai

hahah wow thaaanks man! Yeah you’re right haha. I’ll put a little something up about him xD there is a bunch of stuff I need to add but I’ve not got around to it yet, so thanks for the reminder!:) 

Anonymous sent: who is dave "the snake" sabo's wife????

I’m not entirely sure about this but it could possibly be Lisa Nichols. There isn’t a lot of information on it.. and a couple of sources say he isn’t married at all. So not sure, sorry. If anyone else knows message me

please may I have some anons la la, Look I said please.. who could deny those manners?:)

hi, it&#8217;s my face..

hi, it’s my face..